Any questions?

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Can we drink alcohol during the session?
Yes. Bring along your favourite snacks & drinks.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size?
Between 10 and 40 people, please.

Can we decorate the venue?
99% of the time, yes.

How long is a session?
We think that 1½ hours is the ideal length, but we can vary it to suit your day.

What about materials?
We provide all the art supplies you'll need. You can keep your drawings at the end of the session!

Where are you based?
East London — but we do travel to other cities.

Can you come to my house/Airbnb apartment?
Yes, it's a great way to keep your costs down.

What will the model be like?
A gorgeous professional artist's model.

Can we play our own music?
Make your own Spotify playlist or listen to our tunes.

Is it cringe?
Not in the slightest. We started Buff Drawing to get away from this! Your session will be friendly and fun.

Do you do special requests?
We have a standard format for our sessions, but we can adapt it to your party's needs. Just let us know so we can discuss it further.

Do you do other events? 
Our team-building corporate events are the bomb.