The Buff story

Sick of strippers and tired of toe-curling gigolos? We hear you, loud and clear.

That's why we founded Buff Drawing — to provide an alternative where you can enjoy a playful, positive experience and learn some proper drawing skills.

As veterans of the London life-drawing scene, we know we can provide this in a lively, fun format with plenty of drawing, games and laughs.

So we've united the finest artists with the friendliest, cutest models to make your day effortless, educational and downright hilarious.


What to expect

Our sessions are suitable for absolute beginners and experienced artists alike — we start with the basics and quickly move on to secrets and tricks employed by the pros.

When your guests arrive, we'll have music playing and there'll be ice-breakers to settle everyone in.

We like to teach art through a number of games, but there'll also be time for longer life-drawing studies where everyone can put their newly-learnt skills to practice.

You'll spend 1 hour and 30 minutes with us as standard, but we can adapt the session time to fit around your day.


Where we are

Buff Drawing is based in London, but we occasionally travel out of town for parties of 20 or more.

Prizes to be won

The best games come with prizes. Our classes have games with rewards for the winners to keep — the top prize is a bottle of bubbly.

How much does it cost?

We charge from £25 per guest. This covers the cost of all materials, your model and a tutor. We'll throw in a bottle of bubbly to get the party started.